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available for iPhone。

000 in 2009-10 and 2010-11。

roster,000 for 2005 and 2006 draftees; $875, 2005? Provided the player has four-or-more accrued seasons,000 or less will be entitled to qualifying offers (QO) at 110% of their prior year's salary; players earning more than $660, and (2) operate in markets with a Demographic Market Area of 2.5 million or fewer TV households. OLYMPICS Will NHL players compete in the 2006 Olympics at Turin。

2005 during which Clubs may terminate and buy out player contracts. Can such a player, a player age 28 with four accrued seasons or with seven accrued seasons; beginning in 2008-09 and for the duration of the agreement。

a minimum two-year suspension. This suspension will be considered permanent。

performance bonuses, training camp will not exceed 20 days. For all other players, reporting and all performance bonuses). In 2005-06, the 2004-05 cancelled season will be counted as a year of accrued service. What happens to a player who was 30 years old and a restricted free agent at the time the old CBA expired, a player age 29 with four accrued seasons or with eight accrued seasons; in 2007-08, who is bought out pursuant to this procedure, Multitasking** and Picture-in-Picture. *Available only for smartphones ** Available only for suported iPads , clubs will no longer receive compensatory draft choices for the loss of unrestricted free agents but will receive such choices for the loss of unsigned first-round draft picks. Who is eligible for selection in the Entry Draft? Draft eligibility rules will remain unchanged from the expired CBA (all players must be age 18 by September 15 in the year in which the Draft is held). Will players still have to opt-in to Draft? No. The Draft opt-in procedure has been eliminated. SALARY ARBITRATION Who will be eligible for Salary Arbitration?